No book for psycho girlfriend...

@foxyfire33 (10009)
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June 2, 2008 11:36pm CST
Read the very end if you want to just skip the backstory...I'm really not trying to discuss stepson and his now ex girlfriend, I just feel chatty tonight! LOL There are a lot of details about their break up not included here so there's no point in discussing it... Stepson finally got rid of his girlfriend over the weekend. It had been a long time coming because the girl would just not let go. She came over again on Friday and it took him ignoring her til Sunday for her to get the hint...and then she just acted like she was going out to the car to pout but actually walked the five miles into town! He had to go get her and drive her back home. Apparently she did the same thing while at his mother's house a few weekends ago. Ok so today she called but refused to talk to him personally...she had conveniently left a school book in the back of stepson's car and wanted him to bring it to her TONIGHT! It's an hour drive to her house, he's already gone out there once this weekend and did not want to have to do it again...that's a lot of gas! Plus, he does not want to see her right now. Yeah part of me felt bad for her because he has been treating her like crap for the past month BUT I told her on several occasions that I thought that, her mother has told her that, his mother and sister have both told her that. This girl would just not accept a totally break-up. (Awhile ago I'd told you about her agreeing to let him date other girls...I talked to him more about it and he decided that was a bad idea and didn't want to string this girl along so he told her he wanted to just break up completely...she acted like she agreed for the first day or two but then started checking up on him and spending time with him as often as she could get here.) So back to the book...he refused to take it to her. I told him to pop it in the mail, she won't get it tomorrow but she'll get it eventually. I don't know if he did or not. [b]Ok...I know long way around to get to a point! But here it is... Would you/have you left an item behind to try to make your ex come see you? Have you been the ex...did you return the item or say tough luck?[/b]
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@cjgrooms (4456)
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3 Jun 08
No to both and for the same reason. Why prolong the misery?
@foxyfire33 (10009)
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4 Jun 08
Exactly! He seems to have moved on quickly but she's still calling at least once a night....and she still doesn't have her book.