Tomorrow is another day!- Gone With the Wind

June 13, 2008 3:35am CST
Scarlet is really a strong-willed and optimistic girl. The idea of "Tomorrow is another day" can always come up to her whenever she comes across setbacks. When i was watching the movie, i kept thinking if i could be that optimistic. After that, i tell myself again and again "Tomorrow is another day" when i am in trouble. I like these words, though it doesn't work better than the words "Let bygones be bygones". i am fancy about the whole thing she has done, though what she has done is immoral in today's society. It is her great courage that matters. She has the nerve to do what she wants to do. I wonder if all of you in Mylot can do what you want to do. It seems to me that there are so many people that couldn's help but to give in to realities.
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• United States
14 Jun 08
Humans as a rule, do not believe in themselves or the ability to persevere in even the worst of circumstances. There are times when you must give in to the reality that something will not work or happen for you, but also remember, that when one door closes another opens. Look for those doors and take advantage of them. And remember another saying that came from a great lady in my life... "This to shall pass"
• China
16 Jun 08
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate greatly!
• China
16 Oct 08
I totally agreed with what you have said."Tomorrow is another day"is a classical line.And I also appreciate what Scarlet has done.She is really brave and wise.I like her.I think we should do what we do want to do without hesitance.What we need is confidence and strong will!