How To Have Discipline Over the Mind

@Helios (85)
United States
June 15, 2008 9:03pm CST
I have come to realize that I lack discipline in many aspects of my life. But most importantly I lack discipline over my mind. I can't block out the feelings and thoughts that I know would not help me. Such as feelings of fear for something trivial, such as a musical performance, speaking in front of a slightly large audience, or perhaps even sometimes asking a question. These fears and worries cripple my execution of whatever it is I must do.. I know the majority of this spawns from my fear of what other's think about me. I want to be able to block out useless feelings and to not care about what others think. In short, how do I become the controlled person I want to be and remember who I am no matter what others say? How do create a solid self-image/confidence, without an ego? Please post your thoughts on the matter. Thank You
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