how do you know if some one is in love with you from a distance.

@ellijah (244)
June 17, 2008 7:01am CST
how do you know if someone is in love with you from a distance.i mean this person is not close to you in any way but keep on loving you from a distance without approaching you.
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@nikeisha (21)
• Trinidad And Tobago
17 Jun 08
ellijah I think that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard love is something that if there's not conection there's no love.Let's say you are a child and you parents aren't conected to you i'm pretty sure you'll feel unloved
17 Jun 08
I am a person who react slowly in love.If the one who loves me didn't tell me he love s me,I would never know he loves me .
@rainwater (353)
• China
17 Jun 08
You may ask her.I believe the love is exist.Use heart to feeling.Best wishes.
• Canada
17 Jun 08
You ask one of the toughest questions regarding relationships and love. There are so many signs that can be misconstrued yet could also mean that someone is attracted to you. It is easy to interpret them the way you wish it would be as well leading to more problems. And misinterpreting them can also lead to missed opportunities. I wish I had the answer but all I can suggest is that if you are attracted to someone who you think feels the same for you, move forward slowly and see where it takes you.
@maquisa (316)
• Philippines
17 Jun 08
heehe...some who doesn't know me would actually say's im cold or and i don't feel it when they don't tell me,even thou there are actions i just relay on the words that this person will tell me...
• India
17 Jun 08
i think by seeing their actions, like when we nearing them or crossing them or working with them. some how we can find whether they are in love with us or not. one more thing, some times their actions doesn't mean that they are only in love. they may like us in any way. it may reflect in their actions.