11 year old Romanian girl permitted abortion

@cynddvs (2950)
United States
June 28, 2008 9:49am CST
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7477448.stm This 11 year old girl in Romania was raped by her 19 year old uncle. He parents didn't realize she was pregnant until the took her took the doctor because she was feeling sick. She is now having an abortion at 21 weeks. While I'm not a fan of late term abortions I'm on the fence on this case. I think it's very unfortunate that they didn't find out about her pregnancy sooner. But I also think it would be cruel to make this 11 year old carry out a pregnancy that was caused by rape and could possibly cause medical issues.
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@shannon76 (1234)
• United States
3 Jul 08
This is one of those cases that I think should be an exception to the rule. While I do not believe in abortion, I do believe that this child (with the help of her parents) should be able to make the decision to either abort, keep or adopt her child out.
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
Hi cynddvs! That is really a terrible thing for an 11 year old to go through. I am not really for abortion but in this case, how can I justify my stand on abortion. This is one instance that I can agree with abortion. Very unfortunate and sad thing to happen. Take care and God bless!
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
29 Jun 08
It would also be traumatic to make her go through the pregnancy. Just imagine her emotions and psychology - the rape itself is bad enough, but to carry the child of her abuser will cause her mental turmoil and harm. And if the child is born, who bears the responsibility of rearing the child? I wonder what happened to the 19yr old uncle - hope the beast got castrated.
@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
29 Jun 08
This is just so said, in the article the girl claims she 'just wants to go to school and play', it brings tears to my eyes. How can this girl ever have a normal life if she has a baby at eleven? I don't think a childs body will have the strenght to do so either and that she can keep serious enjury from carrying the baby. Normally I'm pretty much against abortion; it's not the childs fault it's in there. If you can't manage to raise the child theres allways the possibility of adoption. In this case there are a couple of things that make me think otherwise, this is because of the age of the young girl and the fact she was raped (and by a family member, awfull!! if we can't trust our own family, who can we trust?). Every child deserves an education and the right to play. I would definitly support abortion in this particular case. My heart goes out to this unfortunate little girl.
• United States
28 Jun 08
I agree with you. To young to have babies. I do not know how a person could cope with raising a baby from being raped.
@abranco (46)
• Portugal
28 Jun 08
I think this one case that justifies abortion.
• United States
28 Jun 08
I am inclined to agree with you under these circumstances. I think she is physically and mentally to young to go through the whole pregnancy and birth process even if the child was to be put up for adoption.
@hotranger (446)
• India
28 Jun 08
This is really insane. What kind of uncle he is. He must be given life imprisonment. To rape a kid is a sin, and he must be punished hard. On the top of that she had to undergo abortion at such a young age is very dangerous. She might have lost her life. And abortion is crime.
@sataness (321)
28 Jun 08
I think it's scary how her uncle managed to rape her. Do you know if anything has been done about him? On the abortion side of it i guess this is why it can't be fully decided if its murder or not... A 11 year old girl, i doubt would be able to cope with the emotional stress let alone the physical side. Also is the idea that the baby itself would possibly suffered difficulties from the mix of familiar genes. I'm also not a fan of late abortions as you tend to discoiver how quick a fetus is in growing and feeling. But sadly it's just another catch 22.
• Canada
28 Jun 08
While I do not approve of abortion I would never push my beliefs onto other ppl. no it wouldn't be fair but they ALL should have thought about a pregnancy test sooner. They were stupid enough to not have one done and now this girl has to go through so much more pain because of it.