When Days Go Bad -- Awkward Story

United States
July 7, 2008 12:08am CST
About a few days ago I was about to go out to buy a bag or rice and a few lotto tickets. I had $50 worth in an envelope and the lotto stubs to get my tickets, to buy 20lbs worth of rice and food to have lunch. So I get in my car and I head off to the store called Seafood City to get what I needed. As soon as I park I look for the envelope, then wondered if it was in my car, so I searched under the seats, I got out of my car to look in the other side, realizing I close my door shut and just saw through my window my car keys. Then I saw that all the doors were locked and I'm feeling like I'm screwed. The bag of rice was for my sister and mom. The lotto tickets were for my bro in law and dad. Lunch was for everyone. My head was stressed and I was going nuts. Not one place where I was at sold slim jims and auto shops I went to wouldn't do it for free but said $75 they can get my car open and I said hell no. Then I thought the spare keys were in my house. So I said I'm going to take the bus. So I get on the bus paid for the fare, asked the bus driver for my 2 hour transfer ticket then he said they no longer do that. Not being on the bus for a while now they pay per bus ride and I'm like damn places are becoming expensive nowadays since gas prices hit up very high. So I ride the bus until it reaches near where I live. I walk home with my mind going crazy. I get in the house the only person there was my dad on his computer. I sneak in the house, saw the envelope of the money and lotto stubs. Grabbed the other spare car keys and jetted out the door. Then waited again for the bus to get back to Seafood City. Finally was able to get back in my car to get my other keys. So went to get the lunch for everyone. Got back home everyone was wondering what took me so long. Yeah 2 hours passed from all that I just told them it was a busy day and the people at the fastfood were lagging with the order. Good thing my dad didn't say a word since I told him pretend that I'm not here.
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• Canada
7 Jul 08
hahahahahaha i love this story.. hahhahaah i wish i was there to experience all the fuzzed uve been through.. hehehhe
• United States
7 Jul 08
that day was hell and a big headache. a double whammy to say. i feel like i made my own reality show and i'd probably make millions off it.
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
7 Jul 08
Well of all the things that went wrong one thing was at least positive that your dad supported you and no one came to know about it. Any way some days are like that. Sometimes very carefully I set my experiment and results which I receive really are bad but when I do my experiments with absent mind then results are good. So it all depends on the day.