When girl likes boy

July 8, 2008 2:00am CST
Chivalry once dictated that only guys should make the first move; fortunately, a more liberal society now allows girls to take initiative. Girls now are more aggressive once they like a guy they didn't stop asking them for a date, they say "its a friendly date". But what girls don't know being aggressive, guys will get turned of. "ouch! They dress more daringly than usual just to inpress or entire them. Asking them out and when he says he can't make it they nag. (Why can't you make it? Who are you going out with? How about Saturday? Sunday?) If guys agree, girls start barking out orders. (youre picking me up at 7 sharp, were catching the movies of blah blah blah....) O'm a girl too but when I think what boys thinks abiut girls arrgghh... can'y help it but "do you think they still like girls?" ;p
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@humra7 (178)
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8 Jul 08
I know, today that is problem. When I go out girls usually come to me and start asking me to go out. If I say i can't they start asking questions like "why you can't, when you can if you can't that day". But if I say OK they start "pick me up at eight o'clock sharp, don't be late, we are going to cinema to watch ... movie, later we are going to..." They are very much more aggressive when they like that guy. You just want to tell her "give me a break".