do you have any exercise? welcome to join this discussion

@qwe123 (253)
July 13, 2008 10:23am CST
how often or rarely do you take exercise? what is the craziest thing ayou have done to keep fit? do you think the upcoming olympic will make yourslef a little more sports? i take exercise three or four times aweek feel great and ease after exercises although totally exhausted sometime i treid it but quit it finnally cause i think i real can not do that difficult exercise maybe too old i do not liek taking exercise because i can not coordiance my body so\moothly so i am not good at sport frankly speakinglu i am very thin and i do not need to do something crazy to keep fit on the contrary i am looking forwrd to find some was to become fat it is very funny is not it? really funny cause heard about how to lose weight all around even very slim girls but i have to say is that talking exercise will amke you healthy thn before rather than lose or gain weight join us to take exerses every week good luck then i think i really can not do attitude and a sort of life style it has really nothing to do with olympics or else yu can make yourself sporty if you like anytime
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