You shall not commit adultery, Please clear my confusion?

July 20, 2008 1:39am CST
I was reading the responsibilies of christan. in new testament , romans 12,13,14. I came across this question. that if a divorced person and will be getting married to someone else , will that be called adultery? please explain me the term adultery. thanks
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• Australia
31 Aug 08
I don't think that if someone get's divorced first that it will be called adultry. Adulery is when a married person and a single person get together.
@pukaprat2 (442)
• United States
20 Jul 08
according to the bible, divorce is one of the major sins humans can do. to get a divorce without reason is to say that God didn't put those people together- every person that i know that has been married go through pretty much the same thing. to honor and obey, what God has done here, let no man take apart. so adultry which is being married yet looking for someone other than your spouce to satify you is another word for cheating. when the bible states that a single man or woman should remain that way unless he or she cannot control their desires and thus should marry inorder to make the marriage pure and holy. now it also says that if it is the husband who wants the divorse, then to send the wife back to her family so that they can find her another suitor. in other words, if you are married, it is because God has put forth into your heart that this is the person he wants you to be with. to get a divorse is to go against God. i dont know how else to explain this to you. sorry i couldnt be more clear.