Is It Ever Right To Kill Another Human Being?

United States
July 26, 2008 1:10am CST
I ask this question for no reason except for seeing what some general myLot users believe. Do you believe that it is ever right to kill another person? On one point is the fact that since they're humans including ourselves, then we shouldn't be able to pass judgement over another person since we're, in a sense, equal. If you want to pass judgement over another person, then you'd have to be of larger value or power than that person; basically, be a god, which you likely aren't. However, on the other hand, we already see it implemented with the death sentence, and it's usually so that if a person murders another, he or she might be sentenced to death. The logic here, I would say, is that if you take someone else's life, then a more congregated group of humans shall pass judgement upon the murderer, if proven guilty. Using both arguments, what would you say?
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