it is getting frustrating

July 26, 2008 9:12pm CST
well, i have reached the point that i am getting tired of buying a pregnancy kit and testing for pregnancy. you see i have PCOS and one can't really tell just basing on the calendar. and i always have PMS that makes me crazy and i have often assumed, etc. but everytime i would decide to take a pregnancy test and buy a kit, then i would test that morning, either that lunchtime or evening or the next day, my menstruation comes out! it is so frustrating. but anyway, i hope this is different this time. because the circumstances are different. i already bought a kit but i have not tested yet because i wanted to delay it a bit further. but reading the internet today, i realized that i may have to take extra precautions if indeed i am pregnant. so okay, i will text tomorrow. hehe please wish me well people, and please pray for me. i, i mean we, have been wanting to conceive already. because it is getting late for me. thanks all! will keep you posted! God bless you!
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@relundad (2312)
• United States
27 Jul 08
Wow it seems that you are putting a lot of un-necessary stress into the mix. This could be part of your problem. I do understand the excitement of knowing, but it would probally help if you didn't worry so much about it. I know that you know that its only a certain amount of control that you have over the outcome. Once you are doing "the act" whether natural or not, your part is done. If your a withchild then the results don't change whether its the next morning or the next month. So give your mind and body a break! Also I know that even if you find out the next day, you can't begin medical treatment for a few weeks after that. Which I didn't know until I was pregnant. I found out really early and was ready to go to the doctor's like the next day, only to find out they want you to go a certain amount of time before actually validating the pregnacy. That was a shocker! Also have you done any testing to make sure that your partner doesn't have some issues going on? It seems that studies find that alot of men how very low sperm count and that is a common problem when trying to concieve, but most automatically assume that the woman is the one with the problem. Just keep the faith, and know that if its meant to be then you will get pregnant. Hopefully life will afford you the desires of your heart.
• Philippines
27 Jul 08
hi relundad! thank you very much for your response. i am trying not to think about it and not be anxious, but when i start feeling the aches and pains, then i would start to wonder. anyway, about my hubby he is okay. i am the one with a problem. well, i am hoping for the best.:) thanks so much!
@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 08
Hello spoiled311, I hope everything will be alright. Just be a bit relax and don't hope too high. Anything can happen as you said yours is irregular. I am fortunate to be able to conceive right after getting married though I married quite late compare to my other siblings and friends.
@checapricorn (16072)
• United States
27 Jul 08
Hi spoiled, I wish great news will follow after this post! Just be cool! If it will be given to you, that's great but be positive also if not this time!