Have u been chased by a dog?

@cyfernet (2797)
November 4, 2006 11:44am CST
It happened to me once,a dog chased me and i came running to my home, thankfully my mom opened the door or the dog would have pounced on me
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@praveenjena (1305)
• India
4 Nov 06
ya once
@pr4pyaar (307)
• India
4 Nov 06
ya loads of times when i used to return home late from office, say around 2 in the night. The dogs used to run at my bike, i get tensed and rise the accelerator running fast into the next main road, once into the next main, they never cared...I think they have fun at the nights chasing the bikes
@macubx (11433)
• Philippines
4 Nov 06
yup countless times, one of the worst is a crazy killing pitbull.. lucky i kicked it in the face, after that the dog owner chased me,, aw!..
@Nahara (1676)
• Israel
4 Nov 06
Yes, when I was younger a very big dog chased me ever since then i'm a dog phobia.