For Google users - very useful

@sivanj (1263)
August 6, 2008 4:00am CST
There are many tips and tricks i thought i could share with Google users. Many of them nay be common and known to some/many. But i still have a feeling that it will be of some use to some others. In Google, while searching give the keywords based on the priority in which u want to search. If you want "cricket news" don't give "news cricket". in second "news" gets priority. Use advanced search to search into a particular site for keywords. Use advanced search to search for files modified in last few months or files of s particular format (say PDF). Similarly search from simple search by giving "pdf resume" to get "pdf" files with keyword or name as "resume". Similarly in gmail, searching "India" will give results from all folders. Search "India in:inbox" to get mails with "India" in "Inbox". I hope you will have many more to share. Post them here...
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