November 4, 2006 5:23pm CST
I saw a picture the other day comparing,an American woman to a European woman. I was concerned,for the American woman was so fat,and she was wearing a thong,that was gross on her and next to her was a stack of McDonald food,and a huge Coca Cola drink. On the other side,the European woman was slim,had a thong that made her look like Heidi the Model...she had a little basket with almost no food and a little bottle of wine stcking out!!And the title to all that was""THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AMERICA AND EUROPE"I am from Europe,and I have been living in America for 15 years,I felt insulted and obligated to do something about that... For ever since,I have had a kid,put on a few extra pounds.... So I joined this business that has this revolutionary Diet cookie that is really doing it for me!!!My son is 10 and overweight also,that cookie has become his favorite snack,it eliminates craving and is loaded with fibers... If you are going through the same thing do please answer my post but mainly,try this cookie and let me know what you think... Instead of being offended,let's do something about the problem,for,Obesity is a health issue in America. I do not want to die stupid!! Do you!!I want to die when I am supposed to die...And I want to make sure my son's life is not shortened by bad eating habits.... Instaed of giving him a processed cookie,I give him "An appetize Diet Cookie"Hey "Eat it and make money doing it!!!"The website is at:https://www.vitamark.com/?affid=338404
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@vhansen (2029)
• United States
4 Nov 06
Are you trying to help people or just make some fast cash? I'm leaning toward the cash,sounds like a MLM to me.Remember people,if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
16 Apr 10
That is some limiting thinking. If it sounds to good to be true, research it for yourself, don't just object. It is shame they came off as a sales person though, I love them cookies for a snack, quite tasty, and keep you going.\ With Appreciation.
• Netherlands
4 Nov 06
Well that is not factual as there is a Mc Donalds IN EVERY COUNTRY. So us Europeans are eating that garbage too. You can not really compare MOST European countries to the USA when it comes to stats because the USA has more people than many individual countries. Fact is, Europe is not really thinner than USA. They have a great number of people who are obese as well. If you go to this website and look at the smokers table it has a spot that says % of population with obsesity.... http://info.cancerresearchuk.org/cancerstats/geographic/cancerineu/riskfactors/