Ceres Celestial Legend

August 10, 2008 5:51am CST
Have you ever heard of the manga/anime Ceres Celestial Legend? I personally think that this manga and anime is amazing! I am a big fan of Yuu Watase, and it was my second manga that I read of her work. The story is about a young girl named Aya Mikage, and on her sixteenth birthday, she and her older twin brother, Aki, go to visit their grandfather at his old, rich estate. When they visit, they realise that their whole family is there, which is weird. Then they recieve a box from their grandfather, and Aki opens it because something is happening to Aya. When they vfind a mummified hand in the box, Aya suddenly gets a lot of visions, like she had the day before their birthday, and something happens to Aki. Aya becomes worried as scars suddenly appear upon her brother, and he bleeds rapidly. No one helps, but the grandfather tells Aya to get away from Aki. Aki is taken away, and Aya is said to die by her fathers hand. Her father, though, can not seem to kill his beloved daughter, and points the gun and grandfather Mikage, who gets the father shot instead, stating that he is 'foolish'. Aya is in shock, and when they try to kill her, she suddenly blanks... This story is really great! It is based of of one of my favourite legends, the 'Angels Hagoromo'. I have actually heard a different version to this story, as well, but Ceres Celestial Legend is sweet, horrific and romantic! Its a great read for Yuu Watase fans.
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3 Jul 09
I'm a big fan of Yuu Watase too and I have the first two volumes of the Ceres manga, but i've never gotten around to reading them
3 Jul 09
It's a good manga, I have 11 volumes, I need the last 3 but I can never find them. Ceres is great if you like comedy, gore, love and all that which Yuu Watase enjoys delivering XD