What do you think about WARS?

August 11, 2008 4:29pm CST
Ours is a difficult world, we are always hearing that two countries had started a war or that some conflict is getting worse... For me, it's very difficult to accept that inocent people kill inocent people just to "defend" his/her country... Millions of people leaves his childs alone... well, there are lots of things that for me are disgusting... I'd like to hear your opinion on this topic, thank you for reading!
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13 Aug 08
I hate wars. I think are they are senseless. Why can't everyone just get along!!!
@sirnose (2440)
• United States
11 Aug 08
Just another slick way to thin the herd and for the Military Industrial Complex to test their new weapons and to reap billions in dollars at the world's expense.I think the money should be used to stamp out proverty in every nation and country we now have the knowledge and resources to do so and everyone should demand that their tax dollars especially be allotted for this pupose.