August 11, 2008 8:04pm CST
My partner and I have been together for 11 years now, and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I am desperate to get married, but he isn't. It is really starting to eat me up and resent him. How do I let him know how I feel and get him to marry me?????
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• Turkey
12 Aug 08
i think 11 years is a very long time and you should have talked about this before this much time passed.. and if you have a child, you shared a lot in life.. so you may be able to create a healthy communication amongst yourselves.. also some people doesnt like to marry at all.. they dont see it necessary because they dont beleive on papers and pens.. they beleive on real love which is going on.. read some articles about how swedish people live, how do they have relationships, you will find interesting stuff about this marriage thing.. if you really wanna marry and he/she doesnt, you can at least arrange a ceremony kind of thing so that it would make both of you happy..
@foxyfire33 (10009)
• United States
12 Aug 08
Does he not want to get married at all or is he jut thinking everything is fine as it is? There's a big difference. After 11 years and a child together I'm surprised this issue hasn't been settled yet. All you really can do is tell him what you've told us. Maybe he never wants to get married and you'll have to decide how to deal with that. Maybe he wants to but assumes you aren't concerned since you've already been with him so long. It sounds like your relationship could benefit from a little more communication.
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
Have you tried telling him how you feel? maybe he's not so eager to marry you because he thought you're okay with your current condition. If you've been together for 11 years, im sure he's a great guy.If you can just tell him and be honest, who knows maybe he will. Dont throw away 11 yrs. I hope you work things out.