Are you a workaholic?... Is it bad or not?

August 14, 2008 3:25am CST
Life now a day is like a rat racing...specially in the cities we are always in a is so busy and expensive. I grew up in my mother's employer. My mum is a stay in doing domestic job and I have to do some work to help my mother just to keep's difficult isn't it? I can't imagine how I managed to do multi tasking everyday..but we survive. When I moved in England and have a work in the Hospital I do lots of bank duty when I am off from work apart from doing some cash on hands cleaning job. I never stopped when I am at home, I have to do all the cleaning, cooking and ironing. Im obsessed about cleaning I feel better when everything is in place and I can work and relax properly. My husband recently told me to slow down...because I don't know how to stop so I decided to stay at home for nearly two weeks now and I feel ill I never tired in my life as what I have body is sore and can't wait to go back to work on tuesday.
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@I_LUV_U (2503)
• India
14 Aug 08
Hihi, I love to work, but not obsessed with it. I can say I'm rather workophilic (if indeed there is a word as such) rather than workaholic. That is, I love my work, passionately, but no I don't have a weakness to work even under the circumstances when I shouldn't. Thanks and welcome to myLot.
14 Aug 08
Thanks for your reply...once you love your job you are passionate about it so the tendency is you want to be with it even undercircumstances...sometimes, you do more that what is expected. It turn out brilliant isn't it?
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
Hello there welcome to mylot, I'm not a workaholic but I want to be, I'm managing my own business in internet but still I want to work in community but I don't know if I can because they're looking for experiences but I don't have. I only know how to make my own business grow.
14 Aug 08
Thanks for the reply angeltrhix. Managing your own business is a tough job lots of challenges specially competition. You got a good choice since most Filipino now a days are into computers. I came from Philippines too. Is yoyr location is near at school? you can put some xerox machines for photocopying. In the Philippines once you reach at the age of 27 there's no opportunity for you to grow...finding a job there is so hard,why don't you concentrate more being an entrepreneur? In that way you are the boss? Perhaps I tend to do more work because of the responsibilities and the most important thing is I do really like my job.