Can anyone give me some tips on how to kill ants or somehow make them go away?

insects - ants on the floor
@iskayz (5422)
August 15, 2008 11:17pm CST
Hi everyone! I've been experiencing a problem with ants for so long now. There are always red ants crawling on the floor. I have tried following their line to find out where they came from but the line seems endless. Often times I would see them in a small pile of soil by the pot of my plants. They are always crawling by my doorstep and they get inside the house. They irritating already and their bite hurts. I have 2 dogs wandering inside the house and they always gets bitten. I have found out that my neigbhor is having the same problems too. I've tried washing them away with hot water. I would even spray them with insecticides and sometimes pour gas on them and burn them. But after several minutes they appear again. Nothing works. Please help. I am really desperate!
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• United States
16 Aug 08
Make sure the insectiside you're using is specific to ants - red ants if you can find it. Red ants are nasty little buggers - I hate them. Also try the stuff they make for you to sprinkle on the ant piles you see - it does help. They also make ant traps; I don't care for those as much because I can't actually see them working, but others like them. There's also a thing you can plug into your wall socket that emits some sort of pulse or sonar or something that's supposed to keep them away. I have no idea where to get one of those, though. Good luck!
@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
Hey thanks for the tip. I have one of those wall sockets but they're for mosquitoes and cockraoch only. Maybe I'll try to look for inseticides specific for ants. I think its much easier to find. Happy posting!