Homer simpson's Jobs

August 17, 2008 3:59am CST
Does anyone have a complete list?? I know he said them in one episode, but is there a list , apart from the obvious, Power plant safety inspector.
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17 Aug 08
He was a tow truck driver at one point. he also worked at another power plant for a couple of weeks.
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17 Aug 08
Thanks :)
26 Aug 08
The ones I remember are: Musician - when he was in the B-Sharps. Carnival stall operator He worked for Hank Scorpio Tow truck driver Inventor Snow Plow driver (Mr Plow) Grease collector Mayor of New Springfield Sugar salesman He went on the tour with the bands getting hit with the canonball Worked doing pranks for Mr Burns Kwik-E-Mart employee Mr Burns Assistant when Smithers goes on holiday Town Cryer There are loads more I am sure James
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3 Sep 08
lol 188 JOBS!!
@colacho (29)
• Argentina
24 Aug 08
very funny discussion! jobs that I remember... limousine driver! when Homer owe money to Marge's sisters! With Apu at Kwick-e-mart, when Homer bought a horse for Lisa! At Bowlerama before Lisa's birth! mmm let me think a while and I will post again! jaja greetings!
25 Aug 08
Thanks For your comment!
• Canada
20 Sep 08
i think u can find one on wikipedia if u search up homer simpson and look under his occupation.
@dani27 (545)
• United States
17 Aug 08
I forgot about the Tow Truck driver, I think he went and worked with Bart at that Burlesque bar I don't really know the others.