What should I do with this problem?

August 25, 2008 4:13am CST
What should I do? I have this problem with my computer..I have 5 USB ports in this compaq. I have 2 in the front. So the problem is the 3 USB ports in the back is not working and I need those five ports to operate all of my devices, which are:a mouse, a printer, an external DVD writer, a USB-powered speaker, and a webcam. Now I only got two devices in the back, and I intend those ports up front for my USB storage devices. I eliminated the mouse, replacing it with a ps/2 trackball. So I need a plan to use that 4 devices...I have these plans which I need opinions to. plan a: use 1 port up front, use a USB extension cord, and plug one device in it, and just use a headset instead of the USB-powered speakers... plan b: buy a USB Hub so I can have an extra 4 slots by connecting it to that one usb port up back...(i don't have money yet) I'm using plan a now. If you have any other ideas please share. Thank you.
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@nahidbd (731)
• Bangladesh
25 Aug 08
Connect you DVD writer directly to one port. As this thing requires high speed data transfer don't use any other thing wit it. Next by a USB hub to connect other devices. You can also replace your mouse as ps2 along with keyboard. Thank you.
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• Philippines
25 Aug 08
thanks for the DVD tip. Cool information. Well, have a nice day!