Naruto Anime and Manga

August 25, 2008 9:00am CST
I have been watching naruto since very long hav to wait for every weeks anime episode........but thn i also started reading naruto manga...and also hav finished it till the recent do you people also follow manga or just anime....??? And which one do you like better???
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• Philippines
27 Aug 08
I want to do both, watching the anime and reading the manga. But i do prefer the manga since you can know ahead what will happen in the anime.
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• India
27 Aug 08
ya but dont you think in anime....its more lively and the way they show the fights nad scenes is really cool.......that is why i like anime better but....they put in so manny fillers in between some times...tht you get bored of the slow pace.....hence i read manga also....hehehe
• India
27 Aug 08
i love to watch brings alive all the characters in the manga .its lot of fun and very exciting.i feel its better to watch the anime than read the manga.
@razor123 (979)
• India
27 Aug 08
I'm not a great fan of animie somehow. I haven't watched either of the two you have mentioned. But i have seen a lot of people who are crazy about Naruto. So i guess there must be something good about it. Maybe someday later i might give it a try and like it too who knows? There is a saying "The unexpected always happens" so one fine day i might become a big fan of the animie Naruto. Hehehe...
• India
27 Aug 08
i definitely think u shld watch is not only fun to watch but also very has amazing storylines .u will not want to miss any episodes once u start watching anime.the animes i recommend are naruto,bleach,samuraix,one piece
• Mexico
16 Dec 08
i read manga and the anime i like better the anime of course but manga is more advanced
@Jimeous (858)
• New Zealand
10 Nov 08
I used to read the manga as well, but it was so far of the Anime that I decided that there are some things better seen moving around :) The Shippuuden Series seems to following really close to the Manga as well
• Malaysia
2 Nov 08
me do both,watch as well then anime n read the manga.Basically the manga is faster then the anime,but the anime is moving n has colour in while the manga has pages that we just read n watch the pics.Well both r great
@buwald (271)
• Netherlands
1 Sep 08
Im currently starting with the magna series, mainly becouse i like naruto, and i like reading manga. I have been watching the anime for some time aswell, and i really like it. I think that some of the fillers are really good, while others are just useless, really.