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September 10, 2008 9:39am CST
When you decide to use a P2P Program like Limewire, or it's free clone Frostwire, you need to be careful that your not sharing with your friends and perfect strangers more than you intend to. This goes far beyond the copyrighted version of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' to your 'virgin tax statement' that some thief would so love to have a peek at. * According to the Mississippi Attorney General General Jim Hood, older versions of of Gnutella clients have you start out by sharing your entire hard drive then narrow down what you share to a certain folder. Therefore, it is best to set up these programs when you are offline. Or better yet, use the newer versions. * Newer versions of Limewire and Frostwire have fixed this devastating P2P bug. * The Problem Programs Inadvertent sharing is still going on as people are using Kazaa, e-Donkey, Bear-Share, Morpheus, and old copies of the 'Wires. These old programs are not developed nor do they meet the needs of today's filesharer. * Data is also vulnerable to file sharing children who download iffy programs with out realizing the risks. * What happened to the classic programs? BearShare and eDonkey (MetaMachine) were sued by the music industry. They settled for $30 million. e-Donkey was discontinued. BearShare was purchased by MusicLab, the company that owns iMesh. Kazaa has fallen out of favor, notably because of scuzware, while Morpheus is no longer available for reasons I don't know. The point being, these latter four clients no longer carry the same lineage that Limewire and Frostwire do. That means, they don't have security.
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@jpap2003 (115)
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10 Sep 08
and install Peer Guardian on your computer, and make sure that you update the IP databases every day (or when an update is available). It will make your PC invisible to many goverment, music industry, RIAA, MPAA, etc computers. Not all, but it's a big amount of IPs (last time I checked, it was 20.000.000 IPs)
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11 Sep 08
do it yourself - Peer Guardian's Linux version sux. Some apps do come with their own versions built into the programs where you pull the IP Block lists into the programs themselves.
I P2P using Linux and Peer Guardian's Linux version sux. My apps do however come with their own versions built into the programs where you pull the IP Block lists into the programs themselves. I never go more than three days with out an update of my IP Blocklists. * BISS Forums http://www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php