have you experienced or witnessed kids suddenly growing out of taekwondo?

United States
September 14, 2008 1:42pm CST
i'm just wondering because i'm assuming that this happens alot. when i went to tkd from 12/98-5/00,i noticed the obvious immensity of child and young child enrollment in tkd.there was a much smaller percentage of kids that were like 16 and 17,and an even smaller percentage of young men between 18-20 something.then,i guess,it seemed that the percentage started to go up again for the 30 and 40 something crowd.especially with the woman.there was quite a high percentage of woman in they're 30's.quite a smaller percentage of woman that were 40 and up though.alot more men in they're 40's i noticed.the 30 something crowd was like 70% female.the 40 and up crowd was probably around 80% male. okay,as for the young kids...the 5-15 age group basically comprised 70-75% of the tkd schools enrolled students.so basically,they were all around everywhere. i always wanted to just train with people 18 and up though,as i was 28-30 when i was a student at the tkd school. so,any parents or whatever out there that have witnessed they're own kid or kids suddenly growing out of tkd or just one day,flat out losing interest in tkd or martial arts in general...?....i'm assuming that it's when they suddenly get they're own car or start working or get into a serious relationship all of a sudden that they lose interest in tkd or some other martial art they had once really been into and had fun with....until they started working,got a girlfriend,wanted to hang out more with they're friends,or wanted to use the free time to drive around they're car instead of practice martial arts.....i'm just wondering....this seems like an interesting topic to discuss...kind of amusing as well if you ask me. : )
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