How to reduce conflicts between Islam and Cristians community?

@pormadi (1300)
November 6, 2006 4:17am CST
1. Try to build a better friendship. 2. Don't try to search their weakness... 3. any other crazy ideas?
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@zotopec (307)
• Pakistan
6 Nov 06
If you want to build a better friendship between Christianity and Islam You will have to segregate true Christians from the mob. There are people with Christian names who actually call names to Christ, they are not Christians. In fact, there is no Conflict between Christianity and Islam, both are God-sent religions with God-sent holy books, plus God-sent Holy Prophets(May Peace Be Upon Them). Just like that You will have to find true muslims because anyone away from his true identity would not care if any side was being harmed. Be broad-minded, be open to listen to others' point of view, try to make them understand with chivalry and dont think that you are gonna change the other. Only nice behaviours can win others not the only truth. Thats why even our Holy Prophet Mohammad(Peace Be Upon Him) was truthful, he acted nicely even with foes.
• India
6 Nov 06
I do agree with the above statements,but I want to know where did you find conflicts between hindu and muslim recently?My opinion is Christians wont go for fights against muslims,also the muslims,the peoples in between force both community to conflict each other,this is my personal opinion.