Pot Legalized?

United States
September 18, 2008 11:19am CST
I hope i am not breaking any rules by starting this thread, but i have a subject i would like to read reponses on. Should pot be legalized? Here are my views. First off, i think the main reason that pot is not legal is because it cannot be taxed. Although it may have an oppurtunity to become America's biggest export (lol) it would be impposible to tax and profit from. As soon as it became legalized people would produce it themselves and make their own money. The government would have no control over the produce limits. Another to thing to think about. Do you really think it is a good idea? Imagine societies at a nationwide scale with marijuana legalized. What would do that do to society if half the population spent their daily lives stoned. Think of crime rates, accident increase etc etc. I think the overall effect of having it legalized would just be the long wished for accomplishment of avid pot fans, but would have no positive effects on the American economy and society. Please respond seriously to ideas on this campaign.
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