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@carabear (167)
United States
November 6, 2006 10:29am CST
I am looking for video equipment which would allow me to take almost any video format from a camcorder and put it on the computer. I am wanting to create a business using this type of equipment, however I can't find it!! Any links to relevant equipment would be helpful.
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@owlwings (39362)
• Cambridge, England
8 Nov 06
The ease with which you can do it depends on whether your camera is a Digital Video camera or a VHS (or similar) tape machine. Most camcorders have a connection to transfer the video to a video player or to play through a TV. There are various types of connector, of course, but probably what you need first is a video or graphics card which has an S-Video port or the bunch of coax plugs (3 or 4 - I forget which!). Once you can feed the video signal into your PC, there is software which will allow you to save it as an .avi file to disk. It really depends what you then want to do with it. Presumably you will need to edit it. I think Microsoft do a free basic editor (Windows Movie Maker) which will put film clips together. If it didn't already come with Windows, you can download it from Microsoft Downloads.