today,couples choose more to co abitate than getting married.why?

@ETTE80 (79)
September 27, 2008 5:24am CST
couples don't really have faith in themselves,in marriage,or you think that young couples see in a marriage as an old thing and so they prefer to co-abitate so when they have the first problem between themselves they leave each other and each one continues theie lives as like nothing have happened.what do you think about this argument?
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27 Sep 08
I don't really see it that way to be honest. Although I think one day I would like to get married I don't think it's necessary to prove that you love someone. My parents have been together, unmarried, for about 30 or so years and have had troubled times and still sorted through things instead of just thinking "well we're not married so what's the point of trying to make things work?' I think that considerng so many marriages end up unhappy or divorcing, if anything it is sensible to not rush into marriage. My parents aren't going to get married because they are happy enough as they are and have been for a long time. I agree that if a couple don't want to get married so that they aren't tied down incase they have an argument and want to split than they probably have issues with commitment and you wonder how solid the relationship is in the first place. A lot of my friends are talking about marriage. We are mainly in our early twenties and to be completely honest I don't see what the big rush is about. I'm not saying this because I don't care about my boyfriend, the way I see it is that we've got loads of time to do stuff so why should we do something that neither of us are probably ready for at the moment, (financially and probably emotionally). I was majorly affected by an incident that happened to me at the start of the year and it caused problems with mine and my boyfriends relationship for many months and we have both tried to work through things and although things are far from perfect now they are getting better and we are making an effort to work on things because we want to put things behind us and not run at the first sign of a problem.
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@Galena (9123)
27 Sep 08
I think because society now doesn't expect it of people, whether they want to do it or not. people should only marry if they value marriage. once people would just automatically leave school get married and have children, because that's what was the done thing. now people are free-er to find their own way in life. so those that find marriage valuable in their life marry, and those that don't consider marriage important in their life don't. not everyone today considers marriage an essential part of a committed relationship. people can be in a committed relationship without getting married. nowadays people tend to use marriage more as a mark and a celebration of a committed relationship. for celebration and for legal protection, rather than just doing what society expects of them. and some people want marriage to mark their committment, and some people are happy for their committment to exist without marriage coming into it.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
27 Sep 08
I think that one of the reasons is they are afraid of commitment. They are afraid of committing to each other when they are not sure what the future lays ahead. We are living in a consumistic society, where you use things than you throw them away. You always go for new items. Our materialistic mentality seems to have infiltrated us so much that we are applying this even in our relationship. We are together until I say so, until you give me pleasure, or until I enjoy your company. When things go wrong both of us go our separate way instead of trying to fix things.