It is very Hard to be one...

September 27, 2008 11:01am CST
One day,i woke up early and check the time..still early,as I glanced at the clock. I was about to lay back on the bed,when,i had the most wonderful feeling a woman could ever feel seeing her kids with their funny position as they where lying on the bed. I was thinking the same question yesterday on what to feed them,what will they like after eating,are they doing good at school,what will they wear after taking a bath...Such simple questions on my mind yet very hard to decide. It was like yesterday that I was still in their age too,but now,Iam a mother it is very difficult to be one... Being a mother is a very hard task..
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@scorpio19 (1363)
27 Sep 08
I agree been a mum is an hard job..I often look at my children and swell up with so much love for them and feel very proud that they are my kids.....not all the time but like you have said moments catch you off guard and I then feel overwhelmed with feeling for them.
@icegermany (2524)
• India
27 Sep 08
i can really understand you as even i am a mother too of a small child of 2 years old. even i feel very cute when my son sleeps in different funny positions and i really like him when he is asleep as he looks more cuter. yes its really like a surprise that me being a mother as i could just feel that i was just in a time back when i use to study, have fun, roam around with my friends, bunk classes, and i really never felt that life would be so serious and require most of the times compromise and compromise and also so many responsibilities comming up in life, its really just like a dream which is passed early and in a few days even my child will grow and me becomming older its really a dream.