September 29, 2008 3:18am CST
My husband just got out of the psycharitic hospital. I have a restraining order against him because when he is "high" he is violent. The doctors let him out because, right now he is stable and not violent. He was put there because he always took all the medications at one go at night. Now he says that he takes them as directed. I need to know what is the risk that he will go back to taking the meds as he likes, and not being stable. What are people's experience with this type of problem? I do not want to live anymore with an unstable person. Last year when I was teaching Junior High school English, I didn't do a good job because of his moods and they affected the entire family. What is your opinion?
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• Canada
29 Sep 08
My husband has bipolar disorder, but fortunately he has never been in a manic state for as long as we've been married(9yrs). We have had many ups and downs through the years, but has always taken his medications as he should. Earlier this year we came across a non-profit company that assists people with mental illness in weaning off their medication and give them a safer natural way of managing their illness. It is by no means an easy process to go through but once through it- it is well worth it. Coming off of psychiatric medications is like coming off of other addictions- it can be rough. Visit for more information about this health supplement. I wish you the best and hope you and your family can find help.
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• Philippines
29 Sep 08
I don't know what to say and I'm no expert in psychiatry. What I can say is you'll have my prayers and wish that your husband gets better and take his medication.
• United States
29 Sep 08
It really varies from person to person. Many people with bipolar disorder take their medication and function quite well and you would never know they had a mental illness if they didn't tell you. Other people have ongoing problems with taking their meds and are in and out of hospitals. There's just no way anyone here can tell you how your husband is going to do. Kelly