Saving Dinner

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October 2, 2008 12:59pm CST
I recently got a new cookbook called "Saving Dinner the Vegetarian Way." It's one in a series of "Saving Dinner" books, and there seems to be one for various eating styles (including one for Low Carb cooking, Healthy Eating, etc.) I can't say enough about this cookbook! First, it's divided into the 4 seasons and each recipe tries to incorporate produce that would be in season. Next, it's divided into weeks, and there are 6 recipes to make a week. At the bottom of the recipe are suggested side-dishes that compliment the main dish in taste and nutritionally. There's also complete nutrition information for each recipe. Finally, at the beginning of each week, there is a complete shopping list including everything you need to cook all the recipes for the week. Also on the list are *starred* items which would be side dishes. So if you didn't want to serve the side-dishes, you simply wouldn't buy those starred items. I've been using this meal plan for a whole week now, and everything I've made so far has been yummy, easy, and fast! My husband's been raving at the healthy meals and the variety. Another name for this cookbook would be "Family Cooking for Dummies" or something similar. ANYONE could use this book and be able to cook delicious and nutritious meals for their family!
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3 Oct 08
There is nothing like a good cookbook to spark your culinary imagination. I have been looking for more vegiterian dinner ideas. My family is not strict vegiterian, but I feel like it is a healthy way to live to eat meats sparingly. It is tough for me to come up with new ideas. I will have to look for this cookbook. Thanks for the tip.