Filipinos SUCK!

October 10, 2008 6:52pm CST
Caught your attention. Did you know a lot of people laugh about Filipinos almost as much as they make fun of African Americans and Koreans. (No Offense) Don't get me wrong, I'm a Filipino, and I've lived my whole ife in the Philippines. I love that country, even with all the corruption and pollution happening there. I love my friends, the people, the food, all the places you can go to. For me its one of the best. But when I came here to Guam, I noticed that people here make fun of Filipinos, some of them are by our fellow Filipinos. My brother in law explained to me why. Because here, filipinos have bad attitude. Situation 1: My brother in law and my sister got off from night shift early. THey went into this restaurant 10 minutes before closing. Business policy is usually not to turn away the customer. Right in front of them the cook told the hostess in tagalog "Don't seat them anymore, its almost closing and I want to go home." Ok, we all understand, everyone is tired, and wants to go home. But how rude was that. Anyways, the hostess told them to leave and that they closed the kitchen. Bottomline here is my sister and understand tagalog. And so she was offened that she was turned away by her fellow filipino. Situation 2: My sis, bro in law and moi went to McDOnald's drive thru. We ordered extra crispy fries. We came from a Karaoke Fundraiser, but honestly didn't have anything to drink. The filipina ladies who were serving us at McDonald's were actually talking about us in tagalog saying "Oh, these drunks are quiet..." the other lady goes "you better be quiet, they maybe quiet people but they might have a bad temper." Was it right for them to do that? Talk about their customer out loud in another language. That was honestly rude. Situation 3: My sister and brother in law were seated at a restaurant, where the chef cooks the food right in front of you. And then this server comes over and says. "I have a guest over there, cook my guests food first, just cook theirs after you're done with my guests' food." And this was right in front of them. It saddens me to find out how rude Filipinos can be. Not that other races can't be rude. But they seem to show bad attitude to their fellow filipinos or to those who they think cannot understand the language. I also hear back stabbing remarks among my co workers and it shocks me to know that there is no team work among my fellow filipinos, when one of the values they teach is BAYANIHAN or helping others. Some people compare us to the Chinese, because the chinese help each other so they could all be successful. But with Filipinos there's what you call crab mentality and it is present in the country itself. This is not a racist discussion, I just wanted to express my disappointment because whever I try to defend my fellow filipinos from other filipinos and other people I come out looking so ignorant. I know Filipinos have a lot of good sides. But at present, people tend to think otherwise especially with their experiences with other Filipinos in other countries. Sigh. Please comment on this.