Crazy dream this morning!

@jovimom (1576)
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October 13, 2008 12:29pm CST
Just thought I would share, I laid back down about 8am this morning and had the weirdest dream! There were all these people in this huge dunk tank like at a fair or carnival. They were jumping into it though. All of a sudden the tank dumped upside down and some of the people almost drowned. Then this man pushed the tank off the side of a cliff off into the water! Funny thing is that most of the people survived the fall. Then there were these little bug robot looking things attaching themselves to one of the guys feet! They were blinking like they were little bombs about ready to go off or something. That is when I woke up. Is that crazy or what?! I'm not even a sci-fi buff either and haven't watched any movies remotely close to this
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14 Oct 08
Yes, I will have to say that is a crazy dream. Either it has some really deep meaning OR you shouldn't have had that pizza right before you went to bed. :)
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@jovimom (1576)
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15 Oct 08
well no pizza before bed...I am always having weird dreams though