Which is the most sensitive relation according to you?

@sivanj (1263)
October 20, 2008 12:01am CST
We live with several relations around us. You would have felt the intensity and the love in each of them. Can you tell which is the most sensitive relation? I mean, which relation is more sensitive that even small hick ups can cause damage to the relationship?
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@kedves (728)
20 Oct 08
ok i hope i understand what you ask .. so for me the most sensitive the one you have to be more careful of breaking is between you and your gf's best friend.. she is already paranoid you are stealing her best friend so you have to tread careful not to upset her ... ;)
@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
20 Oct 08
Dear friend, I do try my best to keep all the relationship with more harmony and happiness. Still at times there may tend to come some disorder in relationships. I hope the selfish to love, egos or the possessiveness may create many problems in relationships. Still I try best to be sincere in relationships. Hence I do give importance to giving respect to others and more over forgiving mistakes. Still at times I lack to make these practical in life may be I too have some unconscious ego in me that I myself may not accept. Anyhow I do like to give much importance to good relationships with sincere love and trust.
@airl1527 (355)
• China
20 Oct 08
I care most about the relation with my students. Most of my students are male. They are grown-ups. I am only 5 years older than them. In fact, my husband is 3 years younger than i. So I can't go too close to my students. I won't experience some unhappy happenings.