The war in Iraq.

@hardluck (375)
United States
October 22, 2008 5:03pm CST
I would like to start by saying that I'm sorry for anyone that has lost a love one; not only in this war, but all wars this country has been in. But if someone makes the choise to go in the army knows the danger of going to war, not that it makes it any easier on the ones that have to deal with their lose. But this has nothing to do with the piont I want to make or maybe what I should say is the question I want to ask, That is that you alway hear how much money we're spending on the war. And the question is, if there was no war in Iraq, what does it cost to pay the troops for being in the milirty if we were at peace? Not counting to death of the troopers, wouldn't it still cost the same thing to pay them, even in peace time. In peace time they are still going all over the world, and feeding the troops, so what is the differents in the cost of keeping the troops up? Their alway shooting and training, are they using that much more in bullets and bombs than they do when they are training? Maybe some of you are smarter than I am, and can anwser this question for me.
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@Ford38 (41)
• United States
22 Oct 08
A good question hardluck. The answer is, the billions of dollars in no bid contracts that are going to private contracters in Iraq. Sometimes, people who work for private companies are getting as much as twenty times the same amount of money as soldiers doing the same job. Then you have to add in the cost of shipping equipment, food, fuel, and even soldiers. There was a special on HBO that showed tons of waiste going on, like empty trucks driving the roads, and replacing trucks jsut because they had a flat tire. Having the soldiers stationed at home would be just a fraction of the cost of the war in Iraq.