flu shots anyone?

October 23, 2008 3:15pm CST
okay, i've started a discussion on having to bring out our cold-weather clothes.... we feel now that temperature is going down and i bet it would continue all the way to the winter season.......as the weather changes, a lot of people get sick with colds, allergies, and flu.....that's why recently, there is a clamor for people to have flu shots....flu clinics are popping up in every corner.....just down on my way to work, i could count more than five signs advertising about flu clinics.... have you ever taken flu shots for yourself? i haven't....a friend of mine informed me that once you have it, you have to get it every year.....cause your immune sytem is not used to the changes without the shot anymore...i'm not sure if it is true though...all i know is that i haven't taken flu shot and so far, i am okay....
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@BinaryKat (738)
• United States
24 Oct 08
I have never got the flu shot and probably will not start to. My little sis had the flu shot when she was in high school and the next day she ended up not being able to move right and it hurt for anyone to touch her. Her whole nervous system was acting so crazy that the doctors could not figure out what was causing it. My mom thought it was the shot because she was fine before she got it. So she ended up homebound throughout her sophomore year until my parents took her to a pain specialist that my mom's best friend was seeing. He gave her a medicine and it cleared up all the pain she endured that whole year. She was able to move normally again and nervous system started acting normally. So ever since then, we don't bother with the flu shot as we didn't want to take a chance.
• Philippines
24 Oct 08
what happened to your sister was a bad thing. and i guess, that's why more parents are opting not to have flu shots is because of this unforseen effect of the shot. although, it affects people differently, we can never be to sure. that's the reason why i don't want to have a shot too. i don't want to deal with those nasty side effects.