more enjoyable, eating what you want now or shaping your figure for future?

November 2, 2008 11:45pm CST
Getting into the winter, I always tend to eat more. It is really enjoyable when taking any available flavorous snacks from my cupboard and consuming them in front of my favorite TV plays. But at such time an idea always slips out mind undermining my appetite that wanting to be a slend lady, I shoule not get my stomach out of control. Sometimes I condsider why I'm so crazy about food what I am able to have everyday that I even haven't try to keep on a half-year diet to let me enjoy a perfect figure for the long later life. Just half a year I think, but I never have a go. I excuse that do what you want is a kind of enjoying life; don't be so rigid I tell myself. But is that real? The more effort you make and the more time you spend, the more glorious your achievement looks like, sometimes I believe. If a charming figure can really bring me more sense of accomplishment, why cannot I just sacrifice little longer time? I remember an actress said she never had a full meal to keep her figure for disproving a teaceher's claim and more for her career because when she first applied for a playing school as a little girl, her teacher declined her explaining that she would be fat according to her own experience(those teacher can identify children by their skeleton or what? I don't know). So some little dissatisfaction or resriction, even long effort are deserved for future. When you begin such arduous jounery, you should shed that self ruin idea that I am not enjoying my life but happilly remember that you are so great that you are able to running after a bigger goal. Happiest now,finest ahead, right?
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
I like to eat but not too much. I just take a nibble and that's it. I prefer taking small snacks like boiled sweet potatoes. Cheers!!