are you still active in ptc ptr?

@LittleMel (14055)
November 3, 2008 9:25pm CST
When I first joined ptc and ptr I was excited I even made a blog about these sites. But that was over 9 to 10 months ago. For a few months in spring I had really busy time at home and my small business so I didn't get to click or read emails or even mylotting during this time. Then somehow in summer when things slowed down, I returned to mylot, but I am no longer interested in ptc and ptr hence I don't feel the need to keep my blog up either. I am sure there are good honest sites out there, I might even belong to one of them. But if they delete my accounts I won't even hold it against them. I don't know how much I earned but I doubt it would be anything much. Being inactive for so long I think it would happen automatically anyway. Anyway how long have you joined ptc and ptr? are you still active there?
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