about Chinese tea culture

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November 4, 2008 1:43am CST
Just as coffee became a part of daily life in the west,tea became a pary of daily life in china.One can see tea houses scattered on the streets of China . The Chinese have such a close relationship with tea that a cultural phenomenon relating to tea is rising up. The Chinese tea Culture includes articles,poems,pictures about tea,the art of making and drinking tea,and some customs about tea. Tea plays an important role in Chinese social and emotional life.Tea is always offered to a guest immediately upon entering a Chinese home. Serving a cup of tea is more than a matter of mere politeness.It is a symbol of togetherness,a sharing of something enjoyable, and a way of showing respect to visitors. Although there has been an increasing amount of literature about tea in recent years, such literature is certainly not new.During the Song Dynasty, Lu Yu, who is known as the "Tea Sage", wrote the Tea Scripture.This scripture describes in detail the processes of planting tea bushes, harvesting tea leaves,preparing harvested leaves for the brewing of tea. Famous poets such as Li Bai,created large numbers of poems about tea. Famous painters Tang Bohu and Wen Zhengming even drew many pictures about tea.Chinese prefer pottery wares to wares made of metal or other materials.The best choice is the purple clay wares made in Yixing and Jingdezhen,Jiangsu province. The purple clay of this region gives the wares their internationally-known purple color.
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• India
5 Jun 10
Hey thats a nice one to hear. I like to try china tea once.
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23 Dec 08
i like tea...
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5 Nov 08
is interesting subject!, i like chinese tea's very very much.And also i trust its atributes.I belive they can cure many things from the human body.
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5 Nov 08
I think you are a little misinformed, here in Britain tea has always been more popular than coffee, everywhere you go you will be offered tea. We have imported teas from many countries to blend together to make suburb teas. We have also perfected methods for extracting maximum flavour from the tea. So, here are details of the English tea ceremony, or as we call it, afternoon tea. The Method Firstly empty the kettle and clean it of any scale. Let the tap run and fill the kettle from fast running water. To the teapot, ceramic not metal, add one teaspoon of good tea, such as English Breakfast Blend to the pot for each cup and one additional measure. When the water has boiled pour into the pot from a height to ensure maximum aeration. Stir and cover the pot with a cosy, leave for 3 to 5 minutes. The room. Ensure you have a quiet room, with perhaps a slow ticking clock (Less than one tick a second) and birdsong. Arrange the curtains or blinds so that the room is darkish but if possible with some sunlight filtering through. Whilst you are waiting for the tea to brew you will begin to relax and unwind. Enjoying the tea. Serve the tea on a tray with a small jug of cold milk, heating milk changes its flavour. Also you will need some cups, saucers and tea spoons. The teaspoons are important even if, like me, you don't take sugar since they produce the correct noise against the cup and saucer. Pour the tea on from a height to ensure maximum aeration and add just a little milk and sugar if desired but only a very small amount. Begginers may take some 'McVities Rich tea biscuits or Digestives, a cucumber sandwich but should avoid items such as scones that may be enjoyed by those proficient in the art. You may talk about the weather but conversation should have long pauses for reflection. If done correctly this will produce perfect relaxation and clarity of mind. all the best urban
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4 Nov 08
I think the Chinese Have a fasinating culture. I have read about the tea sermonies and they are very interesting. Thank you for this information.