What do you do if you feel sleepy during class or lecture?

November 7, 2008 7:25am CST
Tomorrow, a very important Professor will come here and give us some lectures. I have to sleep early today, because I always feel sleepy when I am in class or lecture even if I sleep more than 10 hours a day. By the way, I was reading papers just now, but I can't help having a snap and then I came here for some help. What do you if you feel sleepy during class or lecture or studying. Some coffee? Or just have a snap? Please let me know your solution. Thanks!
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@iamcdy (1120)
• Philippines
7 Nov 08
This was also my problem when I was still in school. Since I already graduated, I had the same problem when I had my job. I usually feel sleepy during meetings and conferences. One thing I learned from my classmates in College which I also brought with me when I had my job was that I pinched myself if I feel sleepy or sometimes I asked the person beside me to pinch me. Another way that I do is get out of the room and wash my face. Yes, coffee helps too.
• China
7 Nov 08
I did the same thing too. But you know, it doesn't help if I have the immunity. I guess wash my face is a better way, I will try it, thank you.
@arialgrs (130)
• Greece
7 Nov 08
Try to sleep very well today , and for the tomorrow class drink coffee in the class.. Hope to help you with this :)
• China
7 Nov 08
I will try it, Thank you.
• South Africa
10 Aug 10
i also have a problem same problem.cheewing a bubble gum always help,always,it helps u stay bussy,just make sure u do it as nice as possible,u dnt want to be called gummy
@AcidPT (70)
• Portugal
12 Nov 08
Well there are always three things you need to be producitve in class - sleep, food and an empty bladder. Coffee might help too, of course. I just can't pay attention without those things
• United States
7 Nov 08
To stay awke during those boring times you may try grabbing a snack just before class. Get yourself a little something sweet about ten minutes before class. The sugar rush does help keep my awake. Just beware that what goes up must come down. By the way, have you ever been checked for sleep apnea? Is't a possability. You may not be sleeping as well as you think.
@Sephrox (397)
• Brazil
7 Nov 08
I usually wash my face. I think it works well cause it's a kind of thermal shock. A cup of coffee works well too. But it must strong...
• China
7 Nov 08
In fact, I have the same truble as you and always doing nothing with it I've tried coffee several times before, but it seems that doesn't work on me Anyway, try to sleep earily everday,hehe
@diillu (5128)
7 Nov 08
Well, it's best to get good sleep before some important lectures. As for me, I usually have good sleep during weekdays when I have classes so that I don't have to feel sleepy during my lectures. I enjoy and stay late during the weekends when I don't have any classes so that I wouldn't feel sleepy in the classes.
@sankata (236)
• Estonia
7 Nov 08
I don't do nothing.. I just try to have a small nap if possible.. I just can't do anything against it. Usually when I'm not fit at all, then I drink a coffe in the morning, but nothing more.