Do you believe fate ?

November 9, 2008 2:22am CST
Do you believe fate ?Do you think there's God and ghost exist in our world ?If you believe ,i think you will be convinced of fate .Now i want to tell you that i don't believe in my fate ,i just think that my further should decided by myself.Maybe when i was young i don't have the ability to make me live in which life ,but now i'm old enough to dominate my later life .In my opinion there's no God or ghost exist in world .So what's your ideas about this ?
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• India
9 Nov 08
i believe that there is nothing like fate.we are responsible for our own work if we do good we get good similarly for bad.I believe that there is no ghost in this world but if you got caught with the ghost one day you will really believe it.Someone has seen in past a ghost thats why ghost word is created without any meaning there should be no word of ghost in this world.But in dark we really get scared because we think that there is a ghost.we pray to god only for removing some stress and it gives us some satisfaction.
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
I believe in the saying " Life is what we make it, Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice" When i was in college, i always plan and always choice, i don't what to get wrong, but there are some instances that, when I'm doing my plans somethings goes wrong even if i planned it carefully, i ask my self how this happens? My grandmother told me, those things should be happens because it should be happened for some purpose, she says it fate or destined to be happened even it is not part of the plan. About ghost, yeah i believe on them because i see them and i feel them, ghost hunting and paranormal investigation is one of my hobby aside from surfing net and playing online games. I believe aside from human beings there are others who leave among us in this world.