TRICK or treat

@cher8558 (425)
November 11, 2008 2:46am CST
Hi friends, I hope you all had a good and spooky Halloween. We had some unfortunate surprises near where I live. Some moron put cold pills in the little packages of smarties. This happened to numerous children. Thank God the parents went through their candy and discovered this. What kind of animal does this??? What on earth could they possibly get out of it? I do not understand and never will. I really believe in Karma and if it ever were true, I hope it is for this situation. There's always someone out there to spoil the fun?? Cheryl
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• Singapore
11 Nov 08
well whoever this sick fella was, he/she could have done it for a few reasons: -to get some Halloween limelight -to show that he/she hates Halloween or children -to scare others whatever the reason, what this person did was enough to land him in court and maybe in jail (depends on your country). and he'll attract bad karma if someone's life is in danger because of this.
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
11 Nov 08
I really believe anything at this point. I wish I knew why people would set out to do something like this to innocent children that don't deserve it. That is why we like to check my son's Halloween candy. Where I am from a lot of the kids don't go to each house in the neighborhood. They go to local churches where the kind people give candy from their trunks. It seems to be much safer with people from the community who seem respectable. I feel bad about hearing of the foreign things in children's candy.