Tweeter and the ability to maximize profits

November 11, 2008 2:17pm CST
Are there any tweeter addicts on here? I recently joined because of the various reports I've read about how much it can help your online marketing endeavours. I can't say that I've made any sales because of joining, but indirectly perhaps I have. Let me quickly explain. I have noticed that I get traffic from Tweeter. I have my squidoo account attached to my Tweeter account so I can "tweet" when I update my lenses or make a new lens. when some people read this, they go to see my site and I get more traffic. We all know what more traffic to a site can do... and that is why I say indirectly. Also, I can see how after using this for a long time that it really becomes a wonderful platform/tool for your business. Two thumbs up!! Would love to swap follows with anyone interested. For those who are unaware, this is simply a social and networking tool. There is no money or compensation involved for directly using Twitter. It is not a make money program. Think micro blog.
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