Boys hanker for girls VS girls hanker for boys, which one is happier?

@pzygtt (193)
November 15, 2008 2:46am CST
The tradional view- men and women chasing more happy, because deep down a woman is a passive animal, and man is born with bold initiatives, only right and proper that a man chasing a woman, so that the recovery form the well-being of men and women in line with the definition of natural law, the men take the initiative, good care of women, and women have to rely on the sense of love and happiness, while men have been relying on the sense of achievement, as well as get a sense of the joy of love, love this kind of the most well-being. In the middle point of view-the same well-being.According to the force are the principle, whether men or women chasing men and women up, the total number of well-being of the same, both the same love and happpiness. A new era of sharp point of view-men love women chasing more happy. A woman chasing a man to subvert the traditional love, giving people a fresh experience, momentum in the first over the recovery of men and woman love. In the men enjoy being up, wake-up, wake-up call Natou the hearts of his love for the leopard was chasing a man's love once inspired by the two corporations intense love fire collided, the power of the Quartet Wei, the great love of cremation is the man up and the woman can not.
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