did your parents banjax you

November 15, 2008 3:02am CST
my parents never beat me ,no matter what i have done .but yestoday then i meet a friend of mine .i really saw her father banjax her ,i can imagine that ?what about you ,if you parents lace into you will you bunt ?
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@Humbug25 (12551)
15 Nov 08
Hi ya Iyy284891086 My father used to spank me and my brothers when we were younger but now I am 37 I don't think he would dare lay a finger on me! LOL He wouldn't dream of raising a hand to my kids either.
@Zezlol (409)
• United Arab Emirates
15 Nov 08
My parents would never hit me. It's illegal to do that, isn't it? Anyways, whether it's legal or not isn't the question. If a parent would hit their own kid, there's something seriously wrong there. I know some believe it's the best method of punishment, some think of it as a way of showing affection and that they really care about their kid, but both these are the complete opposite of the truth. If my parents hit me, it would scar our relationship forever. It's disrespectful and it would hurt me (emotionally) more than anything else they could possibly do (well, remove the extreme cases, I just mean an issue that could occur in everyday life).