Will you plan ahead or will you just take it as it comes....(Aging)

@taface412 (3176)
United States
November 17, 2008 7:44pm CST
Let's face it one day we will get old...it's inevitable and trust me even if you get plastic surgery you will still get old...I have seen the proof. Anyhow. Let's just say you know there is a high chance of you moving into an assisted living facility....so you need to figure out what it is you want or do not want...and I do not just mean in terms of resusitation or not. I mean the little everyday things that make you you. Like for me I want: 1. a regular (not diet as I only drink diet now) Dr. pepper with lunch and dinner. 2. If I cannot smoke (most facilities are smoke free now) then I want to have beer or wine at my disposal (mind you they still need a DR's order for this) 3. I want to eat, sleep (even bathe as the workers may forget to put it back on) in my bra. 4. Once my teeth start going do not get me dentures because I will most likely end up wearing someone else's...EWWW but yet it happens. 5. I want a TV and a radio and one is to be playing at all times of the day... 6. I like to read...so bring me loads of ficiton novels... 7. Oh and feed me as much as possible...and sneak me in some fatty fried foods....especially Chinese. 8. ANd if I ever have a pureed diet....put gravy on everything please. Honetsly I would have never thought of things like these as important, but when you are working in a field where you see how people lose their ability or even rights to speak for themselves you get to thinking....could this be me one day? So tell me your little wants and desires when you become the elder version of yourself. And remember it's not always bad or sad tot hink in terms of getting older.
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@Anne18 (11036)
18 Nov 08
I think I shall take it as it comes as you can never really plan thnigs like this. As longs as I can stay warm, have a bed to sleep in and have some plain simple food and books to read I shall be just fine
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
18 Nov 08
well i am 42, but i've been told i have a body of an 82 yr old man, my whole body is bang up pretty much. i got bad back, neck, elbows, knees, even have prombles with my brain from all the head injuries i had goten over my life time. i was even told one day i might wake up and not knowing who i am or my family and friends are. not only do i have health issues i also suffer from bipolar and post manic depression. but i've been off meds for mental illness over 4 yrs now. and no meds for my depression as well. i do have my days with both, but not as bad. but now i am taking meds for chronic pain every night. it seems to help some what but by the end of the day my legs are so weak i have trouble walking, and if i hurt my neck or get hit there i am looking at a operation or even being cripple. but i walk around every day with a smile on my face, i will joke about everything i have wrong with me. not long ago i was talking with my friend about my health and mental issues. i told him man i am just tired, tired of the pain none stop, i haven't slept a whole night through in over a year. but i refuse to give up or not to fight there is so many things i want to do and see with my life. i got to see my grand child, from my son, i want to see my daughter to get married to a good man, walk down and give her away, have the father and daughter dance, and see her have kids as well. i want to share all the memories with my wife, who needs me more then ever due to her poor sight. i want to see one of my songs get picked by an artist. and make it big so my kids won;t have nothing to worry about growing older. i lost lot of weight, now i am getting more serouis in stopping smoking. but i still push myself to the limits for my body. but now i am more smarter because i am scared of becoming cripple. live is too short, i made so many changes in my life. and it's so cool my family and friends tell me how proud they are of me .