Videos On Mylot

@jambi462 (4598)
United States
November 19, 2008 9:44am CST
How many posts does it take until you can paste videos or links on to mylot? Also can you embed a YouTube video into a mylot post once you can paste?
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@adihindu (1922)
• India
19 Nov 08
I think you can't post a video is your response at any time. Upto now there is no such feature to post videos in myLot. Many of the myLot members are still using low bandwidths and if such a feature is there in myLot, then it will be a problem for low bandwidth users and myLot too. Already myLot site facing some down time errors in the peak times. I haven't tried to embed a youtube video in my response. After visiting your response, I just tried it once, as we can use myLot code after crossing 200 posts. I failed because myLot responses doesn't allow the angular brackets in your responses. If your response contains those, then your response page will reopens. So you can't post any videos and you can't embed youtube videos in your responses here in myLot. But you can post a relevant video link in your response. Thank you. [b]Happy to Help ======= Adi Hindu =======[/b]
@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
19 Nov 08
Thank you for your answer. I was unsure about this is as well. It is probably just as well that we cannot post videos or embed videos. We get paid for making quality posts. So, it is just as well that we all stick to typing! :-)