How much you love your mother ?

November 20, 2008 10:56am CST
With ease we say that i love my mother the most and i will not care for anyone else..Oh really, say it in front of your girlfriend/wife keeping your mother aside
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@adapots (82)
• Philippines
23 Nov 08
WE have only one mother in this world. we meet mothers like mother inlaw and sometimes we called mom the mother of our friend BUT We have only one mother who gave birth us. and we can not keep aside our mother coz they do what the best they can do for us. i think the only problem of some mothers are they are not rich that they can send their kids to the good school, to give a good future for us but what i know they do all the best for us. they care very muc and they love US unconditionally only the mothers can do that!!!!!!!!
@rainmark (4303)
20 Nov 08
I do love my mother so much and i can say it in front of the other people without any uncomfortable feelings. And im proud to have her as my mother. Happy posting.
@jessi0887 (2794)
• United States
20 Nov 08
I have alot of love and respect for my mom. She did everything she could to make sure us kids were happy. She was always there for me through tough times. She scrapped money up so that we could participate in things that were barely affordable. I love my mom, but i love my son more than anyone in the world. So I don't love my mom more than my son, but that should be understandable.