How many times you shifted your house?

New Zealand
November 29, 2008 4:28am CST
Well, many peoples would shift their house and move to another place for various reasons like work, etc.. How much time it usually takes for you to settle down to the new place and get use to it? How many times you have shifted your house and moved to another house or place so far?
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• India
29 Nov 08
I am not shifting my house. i am staying this house when i am borne. But i like to shift my house always. it is good. we can know more and more persons in different places.
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@Iliaaz (357)
• Malaysia
29 Nov 08
Hi vince, I just want to share my experience. I lived in a village. Therefore I had never shift my home to another house. It is because my father own the land here eventhough it just fit to 2 houses. However, I will move out soon when I get married and start my own life with my new-planned family. Therefore, that will be my starting point in shifting one home to another home. I dream of terrace house with a garden.
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@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
29 Nov 08
I've moved house many times. It takes me a few months to get used to the new place. Even if it's a short move of a few blocks or a few miles it's a change. New stores and new people on the street. I am finally in my house and I hope it's for a long time.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
29 Nov 08
I have moved at least 20 times in my life. I have not moved for the past ten years though. We finally got to buy our own home.
• New Zealand
29 Nov 08
I am 21 years old and so far in my life I have moved 5 times. The first time I moves with my parents to a different country. From there we moved into my anutie place and we lived there for 2 months, we were looking for our own plce so maybe that doesnt count. We rented a house for about 18 months and thn my parents bought their own home we I lived there 5 years. In feb I moved out of my parents and moved into my own home. I guess I will be living here for a while cos i have got a morgage & everything. Location is good and the place is great for kids as well. so the fifth time is the charm and Im settled.