Words vs Stars ...?

@toxicMDR (153)
December 6, 2008 9:30am CST
Today a weird/funny question crossed my mind: The number of the words humans used and use daily is bigger then the number of planets (so called stars)? From what i know from the beginnings of humanity a very big number (impossible to pronounce) of words have been used, spoken or written, words go to infinity, i`m using words right now writing this. Now planets/stars are also in a very huge number (also impossible to pronounce), scientists find new planets every day. Now comparing, we can`t find out how many words humans ever used/use/will use , and we can`t find out how many stars there are for sure. Now i want opinions, i personally think that planets are in a larger number as they say the universe is infinite (never been proven otherwise), so the planets are infinite, but words are infinite too, but i tend to trust the planets, my answer : Planets are in a larger number then all words ever used! What`s your answer :D p.s. I know it`s a weird question, very weird indeed
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